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MyLuxury1st extensions are truly the finest quality hair you can find online. Made for women with silky, straight, or relaxed textures no matter what nationality.  USA's most beautiful, long lasting, & perfect every time! 


WHAT IS REMY HAIR?  Remy hair is created by using hair from donors whose ponytails have been cut in a natural growth patterns & processing it in a way that maintains the shine & luster of the hair while keeping the cuticle intact.  This promotes long life & manageability of the hair resulting in natural silky hair with highlights & shading just as your own hair may have.  This hair can last for a few months if taken care of properly.

Non-Remy hair will look and feel nice when you first get it, but the quality will only last for a few weeks.  Non Remy hair is collected from many donors with the hair put into big piles; not sorted.  Because of this reason; the hairs are not aligned. The result is that the hair will get tangled and matted after so many washes.  This type of hair is often coated in silicone to give the temporary look and feel of Remy hair and is also less expensive.  You should choose this hair if you don't plan on using it longer than a month or so.  Best to wash with a sulfate free shampoo, as this will not strip the hair further.

MyLuxury1st offers the following hair extensions, that are 100% human hair guaranteed, with no synthetic fibers.  The hair is of Indian, European, & Asian blend and may wave slightly when wet, just re-straighten.  Use a heat protectant as well.

Tape In Hair Extensions:  Absolutely one of the fastest, most popular, natural looking, long lasting application systems I make.  These sit flat on your head, and are virtually seamless or undetectable once pulled into a ponytail.  Sandwich two pieces together with a flat iron and it is done.  Continue until you have completed your style.

Micro Bead Ring:  A beneficial method because it uses no glue or heat at all.  You use tiny silicone, alloy, or copper beads to attach and pull your hair and the extension with the "Stick I tip" up through the ring [bead]; then clamp it shut with a plier.

Fusion Bonding:  A strand of pre-bonded hair [using keratin glue] is bonding to your hair using a heating tool or Fusion wand.  It is only heated for a few seconds, so will not damage your hair. You then roll the hair and extensions "Nail U tip" together, sort of like rolling a booger.  and you are done!  Just continue to finish your style.

Clip Ins:  A fantastic quick way to insert hair onto your head and go!  Quick for day or night and temporary.  Just snap in and go and you can always do this on your own.  So quick that soon you do not need a mirror to attach because it is just that simple!

Remy Loop: the same like micro bead extensions except the loop and bead, I already attach for you.  Otherwise it is already the same.  There is basically no difference other than you do not need to buy separate beads or a looper, you still need the plier to clamp shut.

Brazilian or Peruvian Virgin Remy Weft: this hair is on a weft and comes straight or medium body waved, not too deep, not too loose.  It can be dyed and can last more than a year with proper care.

All of this hair can last long with proper care.  How the customer takes care of it, is the determining factor.  I can't really guarantee how long the hair will last for you as each person takes care of their hair differently.  I can just give you estimates from my own and customer related experiences.

Will these damage my hair?  No, these will not damage your hair if installed correctly.  Of course wearing any type of hair extensions for a pro-longed period of time can weaken your own hair. 

When should I re-do my hair extensions?  You should always change your hair extensions about every 6-8 weeks.  Just to give your real hair a break and to let it breathe.  Let it breathe for about a week or two; meanwhile you can wear a ponytail, and or a wig, or just style your short hair in a style that is manageable until you are ready to have your hair extensions installed again.

Can I wash these?  Yes, you can!  They do not need washing everyday.  You can wash them once every 2 weeks.  If needed, once a week to keep them from drying out.  Do not bunch the hair.

How do I take care of these? You should use a sulfate free Shampoo and a moisturizing Conditioner.  If you hair gets too dry, you can do a hot oil treatment.  You can use natural oils to keep sleek and add shine.  You should let them air dry, or blow dry on low heat; while using a heat protectant.  At night, make sure to comb through your hair and put in a braid to keep them from tangling while you sleep.

Can I dye the hair?  Yes, you can dye this hair, darker, not lighter; as it may not take.  You would need to bleach the hair first, then dye it; but instead of bleaching, just always get a hair color that is lighter so you can dye it to what you want.  Of course when you dye the hair, it may affect the quality of the hair as you are processing the hair further with chemicals.  So use a quality dye, that you would use on your own hair or have your hair care professional do it for you.  If the hair is Virgin or Unprocessed hair, you can bleach or dye it any color, the first time.  After you dye the Virgin or Unprocessed hair once, it is no longer Virgin or Unprocessed.

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